Resolution or recovery?

People want many different things from therapy – to be happier; to not lose it so often; to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Often there is nothing definite, just a general feeling of things not being right for a long time. During therapy, people can sometimes uncover situations from the past that areContinue reading “Resolution or recovery?”


What is self-compassion? It is the sense of feeling secure in yourself, knowing that you can create a safe haven inside when things are stressing you out. It’s when you can soothe yourself and find ways to calm down enough to be able to do something about what’s troubling you. It’s also something you canContinue reading “Self-Compassion”

Welcome to my blog

Well it has taken me a long time to get round to writing this blog. I have so many ideas for posts that I think you will find interesting so I will try get as many of them out as I can. Please explore and let me know if there is anything you want meContinue reading “Welcome to my blog”