What my clients say to me

These are some of things clients have said to me over the yearsduring counselling – not their exact words as they are confidential – but the meaning of what they were saying:

  • Thank you for letting me talk to you when I had no one to talk to. (10 years old)
  • I’ve got peace of mind now. (23)
  • I felt like I was free to explore my thought processes as much as I wanted to, which helped me greatly in understanding the way I feel and why I feel that way. (18)
  • You helped me understand that I am neurodiverse and I’m much happier now I understand the way I am. What I thought and said and did had always seemed confusing before that. (17)
  • I liked all the different activities you have. It wasn’t just sitting and talking. (13)
  • Nothing has changed and it helped that you saw that too and referred me to a specialist in OCD. (18)
  • It’s been really difficult looking back at my childhood but I understand so much more about why I am like I am. (29)
  • I thought no one would ever believe me. (13)
  • Nothing needs improving in the counselling, I just need more of it. (17)
  • I have got my equilibrium back now and I’m not so worried about what everyone else thinks of me. It is such a relief. (25)
  • My deep unhappiness has not changed and this is difficult for me; you have helped me understand who I am and how I am. (16)
  • I’ve got more information and understanding about my autism and ADHD. (18)
  • You listened. (15)
  • I had no idea my values were so important to who I am – I make much more sense to me now and I can see my way forward much better. (32)
  • You didn’t mind that I couldn’t sit still and needed to do something. You helped me feel comfortable. (12)
  • I don’t know if anything has changed much, but it was such a relief to talk to someone honestly about how I am feeling. (38)

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